third 100 word chalenge

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Back to a puzzle question this week! The prompt is:

…but it seemed to be going backwards…

Use need to use that phrase somewhere in your piece. Things to consider:

  • What is ‘it’?
  • Why does the direction it is going in matter?
  • Is this a good or bad happening?

                It is a movie that is being rewinded the direction does matter because it is being rewinded because so they could watch it again and if it didn’t go backwards they couldn’t watch it again this is a good happening because they are doing what they want to and that is a good thing  so I think they w see itere watching the flash and everything was going to fast for them so they had to rewind the show see it.7\

Latest prompt                                                                                                                                                           

We have 5 amazing words to be put into a creative writing piece. They must ALL be included but can be in any order. They are:

Teacher   Alligator  Mauve Climbed   Tricky


Your job is to write a story that includes each of those words somewhere in it. Don’t forget to do that in around 100 words.

My  teacher saw a  mauve Alligator it climbed up the wall it looked like it was tricky for him to climb up the wall it was going after a frog the size of Jerry I ran as fast as I could to save the frog I got to the frog and picked it up and ran the other way away from the Alligator and saved the frog. I ran for my life I could not think that I could outrun A Alligator it was really slow it walked at like half A mile an hour I am flash I out ran an Alligator ha ha not today sucker na na na poo poo can not catch me little tiny Alligator

first 100 word chalenge

Latest prompt

Our first prompt of this year is a picture. Your job is to write its story.

Things to consider

  • Whose hands are these?it is a syclope
  • Why are they underground?it is coming to the surface
  • What are they holding?they are holding a broken shuffle from digging so much

The syclopes is coming to earth to say hi and that he is friendly and that he has lived undergroundfor 12 years he is very very hungry